Bleach pregnancy test


The bleach is a chemical product of cleanliness that can also be used to do a domestic pregnancy test. Bleach helps to clean clothes thanks to the oxidation process. The bleach pregnancy test can become mixing the urine with the Bleach. Only a cup of bleach is necessary to lead the beach pregnancy test. If the bubble goes out or bubbling bleaches after the addition of the urine on it, the domestic pregnancy test would indicate the positive pregnancy test. This happens because the hormones increase when the women conceive.

What do we need to take a bleach and urine pregnancy test?

To do a pregnancy test with bleach, you need a few elements and ingredients. These include a fresh urine specimen, bleach liquid, one or two disposable containers and something to mix, such as a cotton swab, for example.

How do you do the bleach pregnancy test?

If you are using a single container, you must collect the sample of fresh urine in the first place, rather than put the bleach into the container first and then urinating on her. This is to avoid any splatter that would get the bleach on the skin, particularly the sensitive skin of the vulva. Collect the urine sample and then mix a cup of bleach with chlorine in the sample. Stir the mixture up to mix it completely and let it sit for a while. Sources of the report’s findings contrast in different periods, ranging from as little as a few minutes to an hour. For this reason, you need to be patient and wait one hour to ensure that you get results that can be more precise.

Bleach pregnancy test

How to interpret the bleach pregnancy test results?

If you are pregnant and using a home pregnancy test with lye, then you should see results showing a frothy film on the surface of urine and bleach mixture after of has been sitting for a while. Then the bleach test indicates you are not pregnant.

Does the bleach pregnancy test work?

All pregnancy tests – whether store bought or home – has a margin of error. Some may cause false positive results and other false negatives. Store bought tests are usually around 99 percent accurate. Home tests, including bleach pregnancy test, have a rate significantly greater inaccuracy. There are a number of reasons, the test results may be incorrect. These include the difficult to interpret the results that come with proof of bleach, as well as the fact that the time elapsed from the moment of conception until when conducting the bleach pregnancy test may alter the results.

How accurate is a homemade pregnancy test with bleach?

Some women decide to take a home pregnancy test, like the pregnancy test with bleach, with a store bought pregnancy test in order to verify the results. This is often possible for as little as a dollar now that pregnancy tests are so easily available in stores retailers, including discounts and even dollar stores. A purchase in the store pregnancy test also has a margin of error, of course, with the error human and other factors play a role in how accurate the results can be. Proof of pregnancy with a doctor for follow-up is essential to check whether or not you are pregnant.

Bleach pregnancy test accuracy? / Homemade pregnancy test with bleach how accurate?

If you think you might be pregnant you must check the bleach pregnancy test result with a real pregnancy test. Anyways, the accuracy of the bleach pregnancy test is higher than 95% so if the bleach pregnancy result is positive then it’s almost sure that you might be pregnant but if the bleach pregnancy result is negative, then you should buy a pregnancy test in order to confirm if you the bleach pregnancy result.

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Images performing a Bleach Pregnancy Test

Negative Pregnant result of bleach pregnancy test



Positive Pregnant result of bleach pregnancy test


Elements for a Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

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    • I put bleach in my 3 year old girl’s urine and it fizzed up a lot of foam… Don’t think that the test is that accurate she couldn’t possibly be pregnant.. lol

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  2. Anyone realize you’re advising women to create a deadly gas by mixing ammonia (urine) and bleach. Do yourself a favor buy the 100 pack of tests off amazon for $10. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet

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  8. Okay. So, me & my boyfriend have been tryingto conceive now for about a year & some time. I tried this homemade bleach pregnancy test, & the results matched to the description of positive. Very eager, Iran to the closest supermarket & bought 2 home pregnancy tests. Both came put negative. So in my case, the bleach test was NOT accurate.

  9. So, guys. Please give me a little help here. Take time to read this. Can you? Thanks.
    So we had our family reunion for a month. But me and my bf had sex twice. (April 11 and 15) and after that, well, while were having our family reunion, as usual, too many foods to eat, so I ate and ate, and then, I thought I was pregnant because, I felt bloated. And we came to a cold place, not actually cold but it was windy, then we came back home. To our city, in that city, we have this too hot temperature, so I felt fatigue and dizzy. And in the morning, I thought I was having a morning sickness but when I spit it out, It was a phlem, I felt the phlem in my throat that made me want to vomit. Its like pushing your throat. And then, a loss of appetite. So, I thinked too much and that cause me to be stress. That was 2 weeks after. I decided to relaxed and forget bout it just for a little while. Then on the third week, May 2, I got my period, it lasted for 6 days, I think? Then I read about implantation bleeding, it says, youll have this little period, its brownish or pinkish. But mine is blood. Yep a blood one. And I even see those clumps of blood. And then after my period, we had another family reunion, so I ate and ate again. I felt constipated. But I really dont feel the symptoms of pregnancy. I dont do morning sickness and fatigue, or dizziness. But I frequently take a pee,because of drinking too much water. And I dont have any cravings of food. I got easy to feel full and easy to feel hungry. I decided to take this bleach pregnancy test. It foamed up. The foam lasted for I think 20 minutes? So, I dont know what to do. Can you guess that? Am I pregnant or what.

  10. Okay if you want to know if you are pregnant, please don’t do this. I don’t want people to be mislead like me, it came out positive and I was so nervous and afraid of what my mom would say then the next morning I took two actual tests and they were negative. Don’t rely on this, you will either have false hope or an unneeded anxiety attack like me haha.

  11. No it doesn’t work. I did it three Times every time it fizzed like sprite. I started my period the next day. Go get a dollar pregnancy test from the dollar store. They are accurate.

  12. So,is the test accurate or not?? Because im 15 and me and my boyfriend were dry humping with underwear and his underwear was wet ,,i know tmi , sorry but im just scared that im pregnant and stuff,and i did the bleach test twice and it foamed up alot,,im really scared and its been 2weeks after our get together,my period is in anyway really irregular sometimes it comes then it’s gone for 3 months then its there again,so i cant base it on stuff like that…and i don’t want to tell my Mom if im not even sure. please help

    • You are definitely not going to get pregnant like that. I can tell you though you should not do anything you are not prepared for. A baby is a huge responsibility and I can tell you school is way more important at this stage in your life.

  13. I am 11 days late with my period today so I took the bleach test and it tested positive of beign pregnant, my friends mom told me by looking at someone’s eyes you can also see if they are pregnant or not and she said to me that I look pregnant , and then yesterday morning I took a clearblue pregnancy test wich said “Not pregnant” , am I pregnant or not? Please can anyone tell me ?

  14. If you might be pregnant then go to the dollar store and pay the $.88 for a test. If you are scared about having to tell your mom or your parents finding out then old enough to have sex or you need to talk to your parents about birth control. Having a baby is amazing but a huge responsibility. Even as a married 26 year old with good paying job I face tough challenges everyday and if your 15 you haven’t gotten the life skills test to cope with those challenges.

  15. i was on the depo shot and then i got off of it. i had a lot of spotting. my boyfriend i had sex and my breasts have been sore, the spitting stoped and i haven’t got my period but it’s been a couple of days. my period is usually irregular. my boyfriend and i always use condoms but i did the bleach test twice and they both said positive. could i realy be pregnant or could they be false positives ?

  16. Hello, I know I’m a little young to be having sex but my boyfriend peer pressured me into it. I know I should have done it but am I pregnant. Oh I’m 11 and I have no intentions of a baby. I can’t have a baby and I can’t tell my parents. It is unprotected oaks I took this test 3 times…they all fizzed up and overflowed. Idk how I’m gonna tell meh parents but I really need help. Am I prego??

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  18. Its not suppose to foam up like soda that’s a negative test. But if it slowly starts to bubble almost like boiling water then its suppose to be positive

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